How a Gold
Party Works

  • You, as the party host, will get paid 10% of the dollar amount of the jewelry that is purchased at your gold party.
  • We supply the invitations and you invite all of your friends and family.
  • We also supply cash prizes to keep everyone entertained. Everyone at the party that sells jewelry will have an
    opportunity to win.
  • Our goal is to create an exciting atmosphere that everyone will enjoy.
  • We weigh and test the jewelry with industry leading equipment right in front of you. We are also more than happy to answer all of your jewelry questions.
  • The host and everyone that sells their unused jewelry will receive their money the night of the party.
How a Gold Party Works

Have stones in your gold or platinum you want to keep?

At Valley Gold Party we want you and your guests to have a great and memorable time at your party. Some of your guests may prefer to keep their stones and simply sell the metal in the jewelry itself. Depending on the piece, Valley Gold Party can sometimes remove the stones that day. If we are unable to do it at that time, we will have our Master Jeweler remove them and have them sent to you free of charge! Certain pieces may be excluded.

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